The book “Fifty Shades of Grey” has been on the best seller list for a bit.  Fluffy downloaded the e-book and later on the audiobook.  Fluffy did not tell anyone about it (afraid they’d want to borrow the lot *cringe*).  Of the entire Fifty Shades Trilogy, Fluffy likes the first one, “Fifty Shades of Grey” because it was quite humourous.  The other two books, not so much.  In fact, the story lines are quite dark – not humorous at all.

One fine day, someone asked Fluffy about the books.  Fluffy gives honest opinion, and of course… does her research on Wikipedia.  Huh?  The entire series started as a fan fiction on a Twilight fan site?  Edward Cullen and Bella Swan instead of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.  Fluffy is crushed.  Admittedly, Fluffy is a Twilight fan (the books but not so much the movies other than Taylor Lautner‘s high drool ability level).Fluffy imagines the Playboy as Christian Grey *hehehe* sans the pain toys and stuff.  At this point, Fluffy wonders if the Playboy plays like Christian Grey… hmmm… Fluffy does not have an Inner Goddess, maybe an M&M Spokescandy instead.

In the name of further research, Fluffy reads the book again (audiobook not recommended in this case), with the Twilight series in mind.  Similarities found, definitely.  Fluffy doesn’t care, Fluffy still likes “Fifty Shades of Grey”.