Fluffy has to cook a meal for friends (including the Playboy).  This came to be because Fluffy rashly promised to cook when the Fluffy’s guardian put in a state of the art kitchen when renovating Fluffy’s flat in the Tower Block.  Of course, when the Playboy comments that the beautiful kitchen was wasted on Fluffy (which is true, but who wants to admit that?), Fluffy invites everyone for a home cooked meal.  At Fluffy’s place, cooked by Fluffy!  *insert head banging here*  Oh when will Fluffy learn not to be rash?

In case anyone is wondering, other than a failed gourmet cooking class way back when Fluffy was fourteen, Fluffy has managed to survive without doing any cooking mainly by eating meals outside.  Fluffy can cook breakfast food.  That is Fluffy’s full cooking repertoire.

Fluffy is determined to serve a wholesome meal!  What could be better than nursery food, right? Right? *insert heavy sigh here*  A hundred years ago, when Fluffy was still in the nursery, Fluffy’s favourite food was Toad-in-the-Hole.  Yes, Fluffy loves sausages.

The Playboy ‘s favourite sausage food was Bangers and Mash, or so Fluffy was informed by the Playboy’s mum.  Fluffy has gotten her hands on some yummy sausages from the gourmet butcher, that is the reason for the all sausage meal plan.

Yay!  Not a total fail!  Well… the food came out right, at least.  The Playboy’s comment?  Leave the cooking to those who love to cook.

Fluffy is thinking of converting the kitchen into an extended library instead.

A Fluffy Blonde

P.S:  Fluffy thinks this kitchen is more suitable…