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Fluffy wants to be Nicole Kidman, because the Playboy is Rodrigo Santoro.

Big Sigh – in fact, major sigh, because although the Playboy always seem to be around to rescue Fluffy, it usually ends with him feeding Fluffy comfort food.

Maybe Fluffy should add peanut butter to the list.  Look here:

Top 10 Belly Fat Burning Foods

Fluffy is still trying to fit into the dress.  Bring on the boiled egg (sans yolk).

A Fluffy Blonde

Venice with the Playboy

Fluffy has just came home from a two-week trip to Venice.  It is the ultimate city for love and romance.  Unfortunately, Fluffy’s trip has nothing to do with romance  – not even a whiff, although Fluffy did make the trip with Fluffy’s lifelong crush, the Playboy.  Fluffy had to accompany the Playboy for a business trip, by order of the Playboy’s father, who is also Fluffy’s Guardian.

We stayed in a two-room suite overlooking the Grand Canal.  Every night the Playboy would play escort and we would make the rounds to all the nightlife scenes.  We even took several gondola rides.

Why, oh why didn’t the entire romantic ambience influence the Playboy to look at me in a playboy manner?  Total fail!

A Fluffy Blonde