I am a fluffy blonde.  Fluffy refers to the fact that I have um… inches to lose.  I hope that fluffy does not mean ditzy.  I graduated university with a degree in a science field, and am working part-time at a Research Lab.  Although I am not a coffee afficionado, I work half-days as a Barista.  Why do I work two jobs?  Well, mostly for balance.  Working at a Research Lab is exacting work, with hardly any time for play.  Working as a Barista, on the other hand, feeds my need for social contact.

I admit to having a major problem with my love life, namely the Playboy.  Unfortunately (for my heart and piece of mind) he is not my boyfriend or significant other.  I am obsessed (I hope not in a sick-type of way) with him because of my massive crush on him.  This crush has been around for as long as I can remember.  His mother said that I took one look at him when I was a baby and that was it.

Of course, he (being older and more worldly) was always pleasant and indulgent, but hardly ever had he taken me seriously.  I am crushed over my crush.  Life goes on, I know.  I am making an effort.  You will read it all here.