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Fluffy has been in Singapore and the Harry Potter Exhibition opened in Singapore’s Marina Sands at the same time.  Yes, Fluffy was in Singapore to attend a round of meetings/discussions, but all work and no play… (fill in the blanks with the corrects words).  Well then…

Read a realistic review of the exhibition here.

The Playboy came along because he had his own round of meetings/discussions.  Well, actually the Playboy had the meetings, and when Fluffy’s bosses at the science lab found out, decided to send Fluffy to piggy back.  (Yes, the Science Lab is part of the Playboy’s family’s conglomerate *sigh*).  Enough about work!

The Marina Sands has an infinity pool that is three times the size of an olympic pool.  No swimming for Fluffy! Singapore was hot!  Sweltering!  Fluffy is grateful for the air conditioning.  No sunbathing of any kind! No! No! No! Despite the extremely high SPF sun block, Fluffy still turned red!  Luckily, Fluffy had cleverly packed some stylish caps… but forgot sunglasses.

No shopping this time around though, despite the Great Singapore Sale going on because it was simply too hot.  Other than for work, we went out only when the sun came down – much like vampires.  Even then, it was still hot, hot, hot!

Fluffy also succumbed to participating in a survey by the Singapore Tourism Board.  The Playboy was not pleased.  Har!  Fluffy ignored his scowls, because Fluffy got a “thank you for participating” gift.  So there!

A Fluffy Blonde

Venice with the Playboy

Fluffy has just came home from a two-week trip to Venice.  It is the ultimate city for love and romance.  Unfortunately, Fluffy’s trip has nothing to do with romance  – not even a whiff, although Fluffy did make the trip with Fluffy’s lifelong crush, the Playboy.  Fluffy had to accompany the Playboy for a business trip, by order of the Playboy’s father, who is also Fluffy’s Guardian.

We stayed in a two-room suite overlooking the Grand Canal.  Every night the Playboy would play escort and we would make the rounds to all the nightlife scenes.  We even took several gondola rides.

Why, oh why didn’t the entire romantic ambience influence the Playboy to look at me in a playboy manner?  Total fail!

A Fluffy Blonde