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Fluffy has been in Singapore and the Harry Potter Exhibition opened in Singapore’s Marina Sands at the same time.  Yes, Fluffy was in Singapore to attend a round of meetings/discussions, but all work and no play… (fill in the blanks with the corrects words).  Well then…

Read a realistic review of the exhibition here.

The Playboy came along because he had his own round of meetings/discussions.  Well, actually the Playboy had the meetings, and when Fluffy’s bosses at the science lab found out, decided to send Fluffy to piggy back.  (Yes, the Science Lab is part of the Playboy’s family’s conglomerate *sigh*).  Enough about work!

The Marina Sands has an infinity pool that is three times the size of an olympic pool.  No swimming for Fluffy! Singapore was hot!  Sweltering!  Fluffy is grateful for the air conditioning.  No sunbathing of any kind! No! No! No! Despite the extremely high SPF sun block, Fluffy still turned red!  Luckily, Fluffy had cleverly packed some stylish caps… but forgot sunglasses.

No shopping this time around though, despite the Great Singapore Sale going on because it was simply too hot.  Other than for work, we went out only when the sun came down – much like vampires.  Even then, it was still hot, hot, hot!

Fluffy also succumbed to participating in a survey by the Singapore Tourism Board.  The Playboy was not pleased.  Har!  Fluffy ignored his scowls, because Fluffy got a “thank you for participating” gift.  So there!

A Fluffy Blonde

Fluffy has to cook a meal for friends (including the Playboy).  This came to be because Fluffy rashly promised to cook when the Fluffy’s guardian put in a state of the art kitchen when renovating Fluffy’s flat in the Tower Block.  Of course, when the Playboy comments that the beautiful kitchen was wasted on Fluffy (which is true, but who wants to admit that?), Fluffy invites everyone for a home cooked meal.  At Fluffy’s place, cooked by Fluffy!  *insert head banging here*  Oh when will Fluffy learn not to be rash?

In case anyone is wondering, other than a failed gourmet cooking class way back when Fluffy was fourteen, Fluffy has managed to survive without doing any cooking mainly by eating meals outside.  Fluffy can cook breakfast food.  That is Fluffy’s full cooking repertoire.

Fluffy is determined to serve a wholesome meal!  What could be better than nursery food, right? Right? *insert heavy sigh here*  A hundred years ago, when Fluffy was still in the nursery, Fluffy’s favourite food was Toad-in-the-Hole.  Yes, Fluffy loves sausages.

The Playboy ‘s favourite sausage food was Bangers and Mash, or so Fluffy was informed by the Playboy’s mum.  Fluffy has gotten her hands on some yummy sausages from the gourmet butcher, that is the reason for the all sausage meal plan.

Yay!  Not a total fail!  Well… the food came out right, at least.  The Playboy’s comment?  Leave the cooking to those who love to cook.

Fluffy is thinking of converting the kitchen into an extended library instead.

A Fluffy Blonde

P.S:  Fluffy thinks this kitchen is more suitable…

Fifty Shades of Grey

The book “Fifty Shades of Grey” has been on the best seller list for a bit.  Fluffy downloaded the e-book and later on the audiobook.  Fluffy did not tell anyone about it (afraid they’d want to borrow the lot *cringe*).  Of the entire Fifty Shades Trilogy, Fluffy likes the first one, “Fifty Shades of Grey” because it was quite humourous.  The other two books, not so much.  In fact, the story lines are quite dark – not humorous at all.

One fine day, someone asked Fluffy about the books.  Fluffy gives honest opinion, and of course… does her research on Wikipedia.  Huh?  The entire series started as a fan fiction on a Twilight fan site?  Edward Cullen and Bella Swan instead of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.  Fluffy is crushed.  Admittedly, Fluffy is a Twilight fan (the books but not so much the movies other than Taylor Lautner‘s high drool ability level).Fluffy imagines the Playboy as Christian Grey *hehehe* sans the pain toys and stuff.  At this point, Fluffy wonders if the Playboy plays like Christian Grey… hmmm… Fluffy does not have an Inner Goddess, maybe an M&M Spokescandy instead.

In the name of further research, Fluffy reads the book again (audiobook not recommended in this case), with the Twilight series in mind.  Similarities found, definitely.  Fluffy doesn’t care, Fluffy still likes “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

Fluffy wants to be Nicole Kidman, because the Playboy is Rodrigo Santoro.

Big Sigh – in fact, major sigh, because although the Playboy always seem to be around to rescue Fluffy, it usually ends with him feeding Fluffy comfort food.

Maybe Fluffy should add peanut butter to the list.  Look here:

Top 10 Belly Fat Burning Foods

Fluffy is still trying to fit into the dress.  Bring on the boiled egg (sans yolk).

A Fluffy Blonde

The Fluffy Blonde needs new shoes because she is attending a formal dinner with very proper dignitaries.  The Playboy has just come back from a business trip.  His father has sprung this dinner thingy on him.  Maybe he was feeling tired or jet lagged, but because Fluffy was there when dinner was sprung, Fluffy now has to go with him.  Maybe he was thinking that if he had to be all stiff and polite, Fluffy can learn a thing or two.  He even couriered a beautiful dress.

Alexander McQueen Evening Dress

Fluffy was at work at the coffee house when the courier arrived.  A bit of drama there when the other Baristas saw what was in the box.  Now everyone at work knows of the non-Romance.  The dress fitted fine (a bit tight admittedly, so Fluffy must live on egg whites for the whole week), but needed to be adjusted in length.  Fluffy must heave a heavy sigh here, since that is always the case.

Alexander McQueen Silver Skull Clutch

To match the dress, Fluffy will be using a firm favourite – an Alexander McQueen evening bag.  Its pewter in colour so matches almost everything, including Fluffy’s platinum and diamond earrings, necklace and rings.  The jewellery is not new, gifts from various members of the Playboy’s family for special occasions.

Fluffy is in a ditz.  Dress – check. Evening bag – check.  Shoes – aaargh!

Keep Calm and Buy Shoes

When in doubt, do research.  What would life be without Google?  Anyway, there’s an article “Buy Shoes that Fit Every Time” by Wade Meredith.  The article is old, but it is still relevant.  It was meant to advice readers how to buy running shoes, but hey, shoes are shoes.  Fluffy just needs to find shoes that bling, matches the dress and the evening bag.  The easiest way is to get shoes in the same colour as the bag, failing which, shoes the same colour as the dress.  Shoes the same colour as the dress is a bit boring though, so Fluffy is determined to get a pewter coloured, blingy shoes with sky high heels so as not to be towered over by the Playboy.

Fluffy went shoe shopping pin the afternoon, since the article said to try on shoes in the afternoon when “your feet are fattest”.  Well, Fluffy is at the fattest no matter the time, but still, maybe there’s some sense there.

Ta-da!  Fluffy’s new shoes…

A Fluffy Blonde

Venice with the Playboy

Fluffy has just came home from a two-week trip to Venice.  It is the ultimate city for love and romance.  Unfortunately, Fluffy’s trip has nothing to do with romance  – not even a whiff, although Fluffy did make the trip with Fluffy’s lifelong crush, the Playboy.  Fluffy had to accompany the Playboy for a business trip, by order of the Playboy’s father, who is also Fluffy’s Guardian.

We stayed in a two-room suite overlooking the Grand Canal.  Every night the Playboy would play escort and we would make the rounds to all the nightlife scenes.  We even took several gondola rides.

Why, oh why didn’t the entire romantic ambience influence the Playboy to look at me in a playboy manner?  Total fail!

A Fluffy Blonde

Hello world!

Hello and welcome to my blog.

I’ve decided to bite the bullet and put up my first post, although I really haven’t crafted out what I want to say.

All I’ve decided is to tell a story about my place in the world, and about my life-long crush on the Playboy.  The problem with my crush is that it’s not a long distance crush.  The Playboy has been in my life since I was a wee lass and he treats me very well.  He’s rescued me from mishaps that are too many to count, so maybe I’m more of an irritant to him.  Maybe I’m like a beloved pet.  I don’t know.

I’m definitely not like any of the women he’s been with.  They are always the beautiful and exotic types.  I’m the complete opposite since I am under five feet and fluffy.  Oh, and blonde.  Definitely not exotic.

This is where I will be sharing my misadventures.

A Fluffy Blonde